Monday, 14 September 2009

Jamie Madrox

Jamie Madrox

Here's everyones favourite Multiple Man. One of the most requested characters yet. Ive not dont the coat or M tattoo so that he is as basic as possible, so shouldnt look too cluttered if you do lots of him together.

There are currently 3 different versions. Let's see who can make the most Duplicates!!!

Madrox Normal

Madrox Happy

Madrox Fighting

EDIT : SO that people can make an even greater range of Madri, I've included a few spare extra heads with different facial expressions on, so that you can mix and match them with the bodies from the other models.

Madrox Spare Heads


Anonymous said...

Omg! These are amazing. Please do Gambit!!!

Anonymous said...

Love these! Can i get a phoenix? I'd love to make some of these with my comic book club at school! is it just regular copy paper?

Iceshade said...
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Xavier Gale-Sides said...

Yep, unless they say otherwise they're just printed on plain A4 paper.

If you want the extra support and to make it a bit easier then Card definately helps.. and for larger models like Hulk and Archangel (because of the wings) I'd definately recoment it.

Jeff said...

Used your template from Gambit and Madrox to make the classic costume Multiple Man. Should have it ready near the end of the day if not Monday to show you. I'll post on my blog and update it here when done. LOVE these creations. You rock Xavier.

Tyler said...

I used this as a template to make Chamelion Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes. It turned out pretty good (considering Id never tried it before).

tymann said...

I used this as well as a couple others as templates to make other characters. Whatever complex geometrical understanding you have to design these is beyond me. If you get a chance, check out nime at