Monday, 30 April 2012

Marvels Avengers : The Hulk

The Hulk

So following on from my last post (go read it now if you haven't)

Heres the Hulk, updated to look more like his Avengers movie counterpart. It's mostly a recolour, but I've reworked the whole face and hair to look more movie styled and to tie in better with the Avenger models.

He's one of the more simpler models to make, so theres little instruction. He's also one of the largest, so although he can be made using plain A4 printing paper, if you get the chance grab some 160gm paper.. its only sliiiiiightly thicker, but enough to make building the models a bit easier.

Click here to download the Avengers Hulk

Hope you enjoy!!!

Keep checking back for more Avengery Goodness.


Marvels Avengers

So, apparently there's a film coming out this week that's got a lot of comic fans excited? I wonder what that could be?...

To celebrate the launch of the Avengers movie, I've put together a couple of models for you all to enjoy that I'll be putting online over the next couple week or two. Some are older models reworked to make them more movie styled, and some models are brand new (which may or may not include a certain hero who's been on my most requested list for a while).

Iron Man, is one that I haven't updated mind, as the second costume he wears was too similar to warrant the amount of work put in at the moment, so if you've not done him yet, go back and make him now to go with your other avengers

One more thing, I've actually added a donate button to my page now, as you might have noticed. I really don't expect to make money from this blog, but if I can cover my ink, paper and hosting costs.. and maybe have enough for a drink or two, then I'll be happy, thanks :D

Keep checking back for more Avengery Goodness.


Here's a quick preview of whats to come...