Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dark Knight Rises - Catwoman


So I've just had to move house or this one would have come to you sooner. In case you still actually have some black ink left in your printer after making Batman..  Here's Catwoman!!

The goggles may seem a little confusing at first, but once you've printed them off and put all of the folds in, it should become a lot more obvious how they fit together. Despite the whole "having to come up with a real-world solution to why she should have cat ears"  thing, I actually really digged catwomans look in the new film.

When you build the model you may notice there have been a couple of other changes since this picture was taken, especially bulking out the goggle straps a little.

Any questions feel free to ask, and I'd LOVE to hear any feed back that you have!

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Click here to download Catwoman

The Fire Fox bug is still there.. so if it causes an error when you click on it, right click the link and click "Save Link As..." instead.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Keep checking back for more Batmany Goodness.