Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dark Knight Rises - BANE


So, finally, I've got around to finishing Bane, and I'm pretty proud by the results. He looks a beast next to the other paper heroes. There are two separate version, one with a coat and one without so you can choose what look you want for him.

I was worried that he looked a bit TOO beefed up at first, but if any model should look like it could smash in all your other paper heroes, it should probably be Bane. The coat is the same as all the other coats so it shouldn't be a problem. The mask is very fiddly though, so I've included a flat 2D mask that you can stick on if you don't find it necessary to have a 3D mask, of if it seems too much like hard work.

Sorry I've not really been able to keep up with my mail atm, but I will try and get back in touch with everyone ASAP.

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Click here to download Bane (With Coat)

Click here to download Bane (Variant with no Coat)

The Fire Fox bug is still there.. so if it causes an error when you click on it, right click the link and click "Save Link As..." instead.

Hope you enjoy!!!


(As an extra, you can download a broken Batman mask that I used in the preview image hereThere aren't any instructions but if you've built the Batman model before it should be easy.)

Shameless Plug : My Paper Doctor

As a change from the norm, this one's a commercial project. New MyPaperDoctor models are available to purchase from

They contain more instruction than the average mypaperhero does so they should be easier to make, and currently there's a deal on if you get the whole set together.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

So I started this one last year some time as some people may know but there was a lot I didn't like about it. I've since had the time to rework it heavily and I'm really pleased with how the final model turned out.

Here's Wonder Woman......

If you're unsure how the head is pieced together from the plan, I've still left the old quick guide up, hope it helps.
View image turtorial on building the head/hair

All in all she should be pretty straight forward considering some of the models that have been on here recently (I'm looking at you Loki+DockOck). It makes a change to have a more basic model that people can use as a starting model.

Download Wonder Woman here

The Fire Fox bug is still there.. so if it causes an error when you click on it, right click the link and click "Save Link As..." instead.

Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to show other people my site and to post pictures of any of your models when you complete them.

For everyone wondering...


I've noticed a lot of requests for game characters that we may see here, including a few other cult figures not connected to any comics. I've al so been VERY impressed by some of the stuff appearing on Deviant from other designers so may try and do another feature post some time.

Any comments welcome