Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Teddy And The Yeti!

This weekend Wagon Wheels Comics was presenting Teddy and the Yeti at NYCC 2010!

If you weren't there to pick up your own Teddy and Yeti MyPaperHeroes you can download them here now!

Teddy and the Yeti is a comic book created by Jeff McClelland and Duane Redhead. It features a yeti and a robot who have adventures and save the world. What else is there to life?

For more information check out

Hopefully I'll have some images from Comic Con to share with you all soon.
Here are the models...

Click here to download Teddy

Click here to download the Yeti

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The New Mutants (Series I - Cannonball, Moonstar, Karma, Sunspot, Magik)

The New Mutants
Moonstar, Karma, Cannonball, Sunspot, Magik


Really Sorry it's been a long time coming but been VERY busy at work as well as working on some other paperheroey projects (thats u Jef)

So, as you may have noticed, it isn't Nightcrawler. I am still working on him, but I want the body to be perfect before I realease him and im still not digging him entirely.

On to the Paperheroes...

First up I thought I'd do a variant of Cannonball in his current New Mutants costume to go with the rest of the team. Arms can be positioned up or down as you choose. The flame effect that was in the previous release is in the file, despite not being on all the promo images.

Download Cannonball here

Moonstar turned out pretty well. Quite a basic figure. though the hair may seem complicated, it's just the same as Jean/psylockes etc.
The dagger might be a bit fiddly but shouldn't be anything too bad.

Download Moonstar here

I'm actually really disapointed with how all the photos of Karma turned out. They really don't do the model justice, it looks a lot better in person. Her face probably took the most effort in this model as I was trying to give some characters more distinc ethnicities than any of my other models have.

Download Karma here

Despite the effects used, this should be a very basic figure. It's a bit of a cheap one from me, using different body parts to create a new model (Look at me, I'm Toy-Biz) but I think the whole model comes together on its own.

Download Sunspot here

I have to warn you with this one. It does get DAMN tricky with her arm+Sword. As always, I've tried to make it clear in instructions but if you have any other problems I can try posting more information to clarify anything.
All in all the sword turned out A LOT better than I thought it would so I'm pretty proud of her :)

Download Magik here

There's my team so far. I know there are a few more, ie Doug, Warlock and Wallpapergirl... i mean Magma sorry... but they will all have to wait. Have a few other models on my mind now... hopefully I'll actually get some time to do them.

Happy building!

Hope you all enjoy them as much as my other models.

Any comments welcome


Ps. Nearly half the people visiting my site are from France. I'm curious where you're all hearing about the site from?

Final note : Even moreso than usual, on the first few days after I've uploaded the videos I get a lot more traffic than my internet host is meant to have so if you have problems downloading files, clear your Cache and then try again later.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Your Custom Heroes

So this is a bit of a different post from my others......

It's recently come to my attention, and if you've been following the talkbacks on some of the other characters you may have found as well, that there are other people using the templates here to build their own Paper Heroes.

I'm definately honoured, and pleased that people are finding their own ways to enjoy the site (as long as theres a link back here eventually :P lol)

I Thought that I'd start sharing these with you. Some are characters I'm planning, some I'm probably not going to get around to making myself for quite a while, and some I probably wouldn't ever get to (ie. Headpool - :) did make me laugh).
Also, really I just wanted to let other people show off what they've done too.

If you know any other designers that have made custom paperheroes or if you are yourself and want to share them, feel free to give me a shout. I really do need a gallery for people to upload images of the models they build from here to show off their handiwork.

Here's a few Customs I've been sent / come across recently.

HyperDav's Jubilee

A combination of many different parts from different models (see if you can spot them) He's also edited Wolverine into a more traditional Blue + Yellow colour scheme.

Click here to download HyperDav's Jubilee

Click here to download HyperDav's Yellow and Blue Wolverine

SharkBomb's Deadpool

SharkBomb's made everyones favourite (albeit at the moment a bit over saturated) mercenary. I think he's used the base of the first cyclops. Check out his deviant site and view all the other paperheroes and Cubees he's made.
He currently has most of the Deadpool Corps made. SharkBomb has a lot of Cubees on his site too and he seems to work very quickly, so will probably have more Paper Heroes on his site eventually than I do.

Click here to go to SharkBomb's Deviant Site...

Hope you like the links and find them as interesting as I do. If I keep coming across more customs I might make posts like this a regular thing.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hulk - Red Hulk 'Rulk' Variant

Hulk (Red Hulk Variant)

Here's the second of a pair of variants that I've uploaded today.

I have a dark secret confession... I actually kinda like Rulk. It might be because I worked out his real identity quite a while ago (C'mon the 'Milksop' line was a dead giveaway). Sure he did bonkers things like punch out the watcher (wtf) but I liked how the whole story played out and liked all the clues there about his identity when you knew where to look from them.

I've made him very angry looking as he seems to look madder than regular Hulk most of the time. like the last Hulk, his arms can be attached by his side or up in the Air like shown in the picture

Download Rulk here

Any comments welcome


Captain America - Bucky Variant

Captain America (Bucky Variant)

Here's the first of a pair of variants that I'll be uploading today.

I thought I'd get the Captain America Bucky costume done as it seems to be quite popular now. I could NEVER have believed that I would have liked any story that brought back Bucky, it was the unsaid rule of Cap that you just shouldn't do that.... and then Brubaker not only brought him back, but then replaced the regular Cap with him, and made him even more popular! Now that's good writing.

Still can't get great pictures. Moved into a new apartment and theres not enough room / light to get a good shot

Download Bucky here

Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to show other people my site and to post pictures of any of your models when you complete them.

Any comments welcome


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Captain America

Captain America

A bit of a departure from the usual X-Men. I thought I'd get a Captain America done as he seemed an easy enough character to make (though did have a fair bit of trouble getting the arms to look right.. especially the one holding the shield.)

There really isn't anything hugely different from the basics on him. Hope you all enjoy. I thought I'd go with the classic Steve Rogers look, but I will be doing a variant soon :)

Here's Cap......

The pictures not great. Hopefully il get a better one up soon. He doesn't look as evil in real life as he does in this pic either.

Download Captain America here

Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to show other people my site and to post pictures of any of your models when you complete them.

Any comments welcome


Thursday, 8 April 2010



So I actually got around to making Storm. I decided to do her in her current costume as I've been trying to stick with current costumes and then producing the 'classics' as variants at later dates (see last post). I think this costume emphasises her 'femininity' a bit more than the old 90s coverall with the giant shoulders (Il get to that costume eventually).

I tried to recreate the outfit as best as I could but it seems to change Artist to artist, even down to things like the colouring (ie the costume highlights being white or gold randomly) but I tihnk i've got a good enough aproximation to work with the look of my models and to make her look good.

Here's Storm......

This one, as you can probably tell from the photos, is VERY complicated and so I wouldn't recomend making this one until you have made at least one other model, so you know the mechanics of how parts like the hair fit together. I've tried to put as detailed explanations as I can in but let me know if you are having any problems and I will try to clarify things.

Remember : My host is pretty bad and I've been getting a couple of hundred times more traffic than I ever expected, so if the file doesn't download, try again after an hour or so or the next day.

To download right click files and then click "save target as.."
Otherwise, if Explorer has any problems or it doesn't download the whole file it seems to cache it half loaded so people are having trouble with only a few pages loading.

Download Storm here

Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to show other people my site and to post pictures of any of your models when you complete them.

Any comments welcome


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cyclops - Jim Lee Costume

Cyclops - Jim Lee Costume

The second of my two variant, I've really been wanting to redo Cyclops now that my designing skills have improved and thought doing his classic Jim Lee costume would be a good idea.

He makes a really good partner to the Jim Lee Jean I put up yesterday too :)

Remember : My host is pretty bad and getting far more traffic than its meant to, so if the file doesn't download, try again after an hour or so or the next day.

Here's Cyclops : Jim Lee 1990s costume version......

Download Cyclops here

Gonna get the last few hardcore old skool X-Men done next.

Any comments welcome


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Jean Grey - Jim Lee 1990s Costume

Jean Grey - Jim Lee Costume

I really haven't had much time to work on my models this month (work & other commitments) but I've managed to get a couple of variants finished that I hope will tide you over until my next proper release.

Thought I'd go one up on Dark Phoenix and do what was (for Marvel Legends at least) one of the most requested character/costumes....

Remember : My host is pretty bad and getting far more traffic than its meant to, so if the file doesn't download, try again after an hour or so or the next day.

Here's Jean Grey : Jim Lee 1990s costume version......

Download Jean here

I'l hopefully have the other variant that I've finished up and online in the week.

Any comments welcome


Tuesday, 5 January 2010



Happy New Year Everyone! Thankyou all for visiting and making it a pleasure to be running this site :) I hope you've all enjoyed making the models on the site so far and continue to come back for all the models i design in 2010 :)

Remember : My host is pretty bad and getting far more traffic than its meant to, so if the file doesn't download, try again after an hour or so or the next day.

Here's Gambit...

Well done for the people that guessed my hints in my last comment :) As you can see, theres quite a lot to him. The coat took some effort to get right but ended up looking better than I thought it would. Just rememeber not to crease and fold the tabs at the bottom of the coat so the whole coat curves around fluidly.

If you have any problems putting him together, have a look at the pictures to see if they give a hint to how its done or ask on here if your still having trouble.

Download Gambit here

On to Comments / Requests....

@The person who said they created IronMan out of A5 paper : Nice work! That must have been incredibly fiddly (though I guess they must take up a lot less room that way). Send the pics to and il show them to everyone else for you :)

@The people who created some of these as gifts for people : I hope they were well recieved :)

@All the Storm fans : I'm planning on getting her done in the next month or 2, just need to be patient and I hope you enjoy any models i offer in the meantime, besides if you build it up too much it might end up being a disapointment :( She's one of the last few oldskool X-Men so I will definately get to her.

@Everyone : Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Any comments welcome