Tuesday, 1 December 2009



This one is actually looking pretty good IRL, I don't think the picture does it justice, but its too dark outside for me to get good lighting for a better picture. Il get a better picture up As soon as I can.

Remember : My host is pretty bad and getting far more traffic than its meant to, so if the file doesn't download, try again after an hour or so or the next day.

Here she is...

There are two seperate files, one for the model and one for the base. I WILL be releasing a Dark Phoenix variant (and maybe a white one too if i have time Telmo)

Download Jean model here
The model is pretty basic. Slots together much the same way as Emma and Psylocke.

The Phoenix Rapture Stand
Download Stand model here
Yeah... this ones a bit complicated. Ive put letters and diagrams to help with putting it together. The letters signify which piece joins with which. It DOES not signify any order to put them together. If you need clearer instructions let me know.

On to questions / Requests....

Daredevil - Yep he'l get here eventually. Would be a pretty easy remodel using a Stark head, and basic Madrox body I guess so might get him down over the next few months.

Storm - I will get to her eventually, but I've been putting her off because I've got no idea what costume to use. Her current one is pretty horrific. tempted to go for her Worlds Apart Costume.

On a side note, the Anonymous person who couldnt get Hulk working - Did the file ever download ok?

Any comments welcome


Monday, 2 November 2009

The Invincible IronMan


Sorry that this one's been QUITE so long in the making.
If anyone actually makes it I hope they can apreciate why it took so long.

Anyway, without further ado i bring you IRONMAN...

As you can see, hes a bit more complicated.
He can be displayed with or without the Helmet and Chest Armour.
There are lots of other pieces of armour that are fixed on... I've tried to best describe how to fix them on, but if anyone has any problems or need something clarifying then let me know here.

Hope you all like anyway!
All Comments welcome!
(I think Phoenix is going to be next....)

Click here to download IronMan

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Quick message..

Just a quick hi to everyone thats been visiting my site.

Been away on holiday for a little bit, so not been able to update.

IronMan IS near completion now. He looks a lot more detailed than the other models so hopefully he shouldn't disapoint (and yep he will have removeable helmet).

Phoenix and Gambit seem to be popular requests so they may not be too far away.

The blog was originally meant just as a personal hobby and is getting a LOT more views than I ever thought it would. People have been reporting a few file missing problems which I think are just a result of the number of people visiting.

If you have a problem downloading any one file, just try again after an hour or so and all should be fine.

Keep sending the address of this Blog on to anyone that you think might like it and feel free to make any models you want and to print off the models for friends too.

And for anyone interested, here's a pic of all the X-Men so far together...

Monday, 14 September 2009

Jamie Madrox

Jamie Madrox

Here's everyones favourite Multiple Man. One of the most requested characters yet. Ive not dont the coat or M tattoo so that he is as basic as possible, so shouldnt look too cluttered if you do lots of him together.

There are currently 3 different versions. Let's see who can make the most Duplicates!!!

Madrox Normal

Madrox Happy

Madrox Fighting

EDIT : SO that people can make an even greater range of Madri, I've included a few spare extra heads with different facial expressions on, so that you can mix and match them with the bodies from the other models.

Madrox Spare Heads

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Archangel (X-Force Costume)

Archangel : My first Variant.

I know I say to do all of my models with paper but as an important notice...
Please make this model out of card

As you start to make it you'l see why, the wings are seriously HUGE.

I made mine out of plain paper and found I had to run a bit of sellotape right along the back length of each wing to hold them up.

If you make them with card you shouldn't need any extra measures, they will hold up on their own.

The wings are pretty complicated, ive tried to make the instructions as clear as I can, if you've made Angel before it should be clearer. Let me know if you have any problems.

I hope you like it, let me know what you think...

Click here to download Archangel



Heres another for the X-Men collection, hope you like.
Was going to wait for the debut of her (aparent) new costume but thought I might as well do her classic.

Click here to download Psylocke

Monday, 10 August 2009

Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk

This is one beast of a model and will tower above all the other heroes, because of which you might like to make this one with a thicker paper to add more support, but otherwise he should work find with plain A4 paper anyway.

Click here to download the Hulk

Monday, 3 August 2009

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer
Not quite as silver as I would have liked but turned out ok considering how basic the character is. Hes also got a pretty tall stand so he stretches above the other heroes.

I've left placing of SS on the Surfboard and the boards placement on the stand down to personal preference but just make sure the board and surfer arent too far down on the stand or it may bend/topple over if the papers too thin. A little common sense applies is all.

As always, hope u enjoy and have some fun making him. Got a hulk/nightcrawler and Psylocke on the go at the moment.

Click here to download the Silver Surfer

Monday, 27 July 2009


The hair was some serious effort to get looking good. The model might be a bit more complicated than the others.
If you have any problems making it then just leave a comment

Click here to download Rogue

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Uses the Cyclops body as a base which was my first model, I also actually designed this around christmas time and had to wait until now to finish it off, so if theres any problems or seem to be anything missing let me know.

Click here to download Havok


He can go be displayed in his flame or without it.

Click here to download Cannonball


Iceman. (With Ice Slide and optional hair spikes if you prefer that look)

Heres what he looks like with the optional Spikey hair...

Click here to download Iceman

Professor X

WARNING : These models are getting pretty smeggin complicated now. If you have any problems with construction etc Please let me know. Ive tried to make the instructions as clear as possible though some parts may still be confusing.

Professor X. (yep his chairs pretty complicated)

Click here to download Professor X

White Queen

Make Your own Emma Frost :

Click here to download model

Hope y'all like it :D
All requests are strongly considered.. apart from if anyone wants Storm, who im not doing until she gets a costume that isnt completely rubbish.


Make Your own Angel : (Comes with a base, as he cant stand on his own because of the wings... also VERY complicated model.)

Click here to download model


Make Your own Wolverine : (Caution:probably the most complex of the models yet)

Click here to download model


Make Your own Beast :

Click here to download model


Make Your own Colossus :

Click here to download model


Been creating these as I have far too much free time on my hands...

Theyre not perfect at the moment so let me know any problems you come across too while making them.

General rules for making them...

1) Cover ALL tabs with double sided sticky tape.

2) then cut out the shapes and stick them together (warning : they can get a bit fiddly but shouldnt be anything TOO complicated)

3) When you make the heads, I find it easier to stick the neck part together, and then stick the rest of the head together afterwards.

Make Your own Cyclops :

Click here to download model