Monday, 27 July 2009


The hair was some serious effort to get looking good. The model might be a bit more complicated than the others.
If you have any problems making it then just leave a comment

Click here to download Rogue

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Uses the Cyclops body as a base which was my first model, I also actually designed this around christmas time and had to wait until now to finish it off, so if theres any problems or seem to be anything missing let me know.

Click here to download Havok


He can go be displayed in his flame or without it.

Click here to download Cannonball


Iceman. (With Ice Slide and optional hair spikes if you prefer that look)

Heres what he looks like with the optional Spikey hair...

Click here to download Iceman

Professor X

WARNING : These models are getting pretty smeggin complicated now. If you have any problems with construction etc Please let me know. Ive tried to make the instructions as clear as possible though some parts may still be confusing.

Professor X. (yep his chairs pretty complicated)

Click here to download Professor X

White Queen

Make Your own Emma Frost :

Click here to download model

Hope y'all like it :D
All requests are strongly considered.. apart from if anyone wants Storm, who im not doing until she gets a costume that isnt completely rubbish.


Make Your own Angel : (Comes with a base, as he cant stand on his own because of the wings... also VERY complicated model.)

Click here to download model


Make Your own Wolverine : (Caution:probably the most complex of the models yet)

Click here to download model


Make Your own Beast :

Click here to download model


Make Your own Colossus :

Click here to download model


Been creating these as I have far too much free time on my hands...

Theyre not perfect at the moment so let me know any problems you come across too while making them.

General rules for making them...

1) Cover ALL tabs with double sided sticky tape.

2) then cut out the shapes and stick them together (warning : they can get a bit fiddly but shouldnt be anything TOO complicated)

3) When you make the heads, I find it easier to stick the neck part together, and then stick the rest of the head together afterwards.

Make Your own Cyclops :

Click here to download model