Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Your Custom Heroes

So this is a bit of a different post from my others......

It's recently come to my attention, and if you've been following the talkbacks on some of the other characters you may have found as well, that there are other people using the templates here to build their own Paper Heroes.

I'm definately honoured, and pleased that people are finding their own ways to enjoy the site (as long as theres a link back here eventually :P lol)

I Thought that I'd start sharing these with you. Some are characters I'm planning, some I'm probably not going to get around to making myself for quite a while, and some I probably wouldn't ever get to (ie. Headpool - :) did make me laugh).
Also, really I just wanted to let other people show off what they've done too.

If you know any other designers that have made custom paperheroes or if you are yourself and want to share them, feel free to give me a shout. I really do need a gallery for people to upload images of the models they build from here to show off their handiwork.

Here's a few Customs I've been sent / come across recently.

HyperDav's Jubilee

A combination of many different parts from different models (see if you can spot them) He's also edited Wolverine into a more traditional Blue + Yellow colour scheme.

Click here to download HyperDav's Jubilee

Click here to download HyperDav's Yellow and Blue Wolverine

SharkBomb's Deadpool

SharkBomb's made everyones favourite (albeit at the moment a bit over saturated) mercenary. I think he's used the base of the first cyclops. Check out his deviant site and view all the other paperheroes and Cubees he's made.
He currently has most of the Deadpool Corps made. SharkBomb has a lot of Cubees on his site too and he seems to work very quickly, so will probably have more Paper Heroes on his site eventually than I do.

Click here to go to SharkBomb's Deviant Site...

Hope you like the links and find them as interesting as I do. If I keep coming across more customs I might make posts like this a regular thing.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hulk - Red Hulk 'Rulk' Variant

Hulk (Red Hulk Variant)

Here's the second of a pair of variants that I've uploaded today.

I have a dark secret confession... I actually kinda like Rulk. It might be because I worked out his real identity quite a while ago (C'mon the 'Milksop' line was a dead giveaway). Sure he did bonkers things like punch out the watcher (wtf) but I liked how the whole story played out and liked all the clues there about his identity when you knew where to look from them.

I've made him very angry looking as he seems to look madder than regular Hulk most of the time. like the last Hulk, his arms can be attached by his side or up in the Air like shown in the picture

Download Rulk here

Any comments welcome


Captain America - Bucky Variant

Captain America (Bucky Variant)

Here's the first of a pair of variants that I'll be uploading today.

I thought I'd get the Captain America Bucky costume done as it seems to be quite popular now. I could NEVER have believed that I would have liked any story that brought back Bucky, it was the unsaid rule of Cap that you just shouldn't do that.... and then Brubaker not only brought him back, but then replaced the regular Cap with him, and made him even more popular! Now that's good writing.

Still can't get great pictures. Moved into a new apartment and theres not enough room / light to get a good shot

Download Bucky here

Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to show other people my site and to post pictures of any of your models when you complete them.

Any comments welcome