Tuesday, 5 January 2010



Happy New Year Everyone! Thankyou all for visiting and making it a pleasure to be running this site :) I hope you've all enjoyed making the models on the site so far and continue to come back for all the models i design in 2010 :)

Remember : My host is pretty bad and getting far more traffic than its meant to, so if the file doesn't download, try again after an hour or so or the next day.

Here's Gambit...

Well done for the people that guessed my hints in my last comment :) As you can see, theres quite a lot to him. The coat took some effort to get right but ended up looking better than I thought it would. Just rememeber not to crease and fold the tabs at the bottom of the coat so the whole coat curves around fluidly.

If you have any problems putting him together, have a look at the pictures to see if they give a hint to how its done or ask on here if your still having trouble.

Download Gambit here

On to Comments / Requests....

@The person who said they created IronMan out of A5 paper : Nice work! That must have been incredibly fiddly (though I guess they must take up a lot less room that way). Send the pics to mypaperheroes@hotmail.co.uk and il show them to everyone else for you :)

@The people who created some of these as gifts for people : I hope they were well recieved :)

@All the Storm fans : I'm planning on getting her done in the next month or 2, just need to be patient and I hope you enjoy any models i offer in the meantime, besides if you build it up too much it might end up being a disapointment :( She's one of the last few oldskool X-Men so I will definately get to her.

@Everyone : Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Any comments welcome