Sunday, 17 June 2012

Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2 Version)

First of all a couple of quick points...

Site Redesign 
You'll notice the site has had a quick renovation! It's been using a template for years as I didn't imagaine it would grow as big as it has. I think for the moment this update makes it look a lot better and would love any feedback that you have!

He has been requested a LOT since I released my Avengers set. I agree with the lot of you that the set doesn't feel complete without him and I WILL DEFINATELY MAKE HIM, but I have a few other Work-In-Progress models I'm getting finished up first before I do!

Now onto the main event....  

Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man 2 Version)

So this one started purely as an experiment to see if I could make the tentacles actually look any good. As it turned out, I think they turned out so well it would have been a shame not to complete the whole character.

I wouln't reccoment this if you haven't built any other models as it does get quite complex, but if you've done some other models already you should have no trouble at all.

Getting the hair right was probably the most difficult part of the model tbh, and you'll notice that on the final model it looks different still than the pictures shown here. It's a little more messed up now, to reflect the movie look more Accurately.

Click here to download Doctor Octopus
 (PS. That issue with the latest firefox is still there ATM, so if it causes an error, right click the link and click "Save Link As... " instead, to save the template and then open it.)

Any questions feel free to ask, and I'd LOVE to hear any feed back that you have!

As always, if you like them feel free to drop me a donation if you want!

Hope you enjoy!!!