Tuesday, 1 December 2009



This one is actually looking pretty good IRL, I don't think the picture does it justice, but its too dark outside for me to get good lighting for a better picture. Il get a better picture up As soon as I can.

Remember : My host is pretty bad and getting far more traffic than its meant to, so if the file doesn't download, try again after an hour or so or the next day.

Here she is...

There are two seperate files, one for the model and one for the base. I WILL be releasing a Dark Phoenix variant (and maybe a white one too if i have time Telmo)

Download Jean model here
The model is pretty basic. Slots together much the same way as Emma and Psylocke.

The Phoenix Rapture Stand
Download Stand model here
Yeah... this ones a bit complicated. Ive put letters and diagrams to help with putting it together. The letters signify which piece joins with which. It DOES not signify any order to put them together. If you need clearer instructions let me know.

On to questions / Requests....

Daredevil - Yep he'l get here eventually. Would be a pretty easy remodel using a Stark head, and basic Madrox body I guess so might get him down over the next few months.

Storm - I will get to her eventually, but I've been putting her off because I've got no idea what costume to use. Her current one is pretty horrific. tempted to go for her Worlds Apart Costume.

On a side note, the Anonymous person who couldnt get Hulk working - Did the file ever download ok?

Any comments welcome