Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Quick message..

Just a quick hi to everyone thats been visiting my site.

Been away on holiday for a little bit, so not been able to update.

IronMan IS near completion now. He looks a lot more detailed than the other models so hopefully he shouldn't disapoint (and yep he will have removeable helmet).

Phoenix and Gambit seem to be popular requests so they may not be too far away.

The blog was originally meant just as a personal hobby and is getting a LOT more views than I ever thought it would. People have been reporting a few file missing problems which I think are just a result of the number of people visiting.

If you have a problem downloading any one file, just try again after an hour or so and all should be fine.

Keep sending the address of this Blog on to anyone that you think might like it and feel free to make any models you want and to print off the models for friends too.

And for anyone interested, here's a pic of all the X-Men so far together...


Anonymous said...

Great stuff; but shouldn't Emma be in the photo?

Private Me said...

This blog might have started as a way to share your personal hobby, but now it's a hell of a lot more.

We, the people who visit this board, actually NEED more Paper Heroes.

You are doing small works of art (if you print in A4) but they are being done in a huge way.

Anonymous said...

These paper heros are AWSOME☺☻

Anonymous said...

Whey isn't Jean or Archangel In the photo?

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff Big Fan Can You Please Get The Designs or tell us where to get it from so we can makem it at home.

Unknown said...

Those are very nice. Downloading all of them now.