Monday, 29 August 2011

The (long awaited) X-Men Sentinel

X-Men Sentinel

Just when you thought it was safe to remove this page from your bookmarks... POW!

Yes, I've actually got him finished. Got him finished a week a go or so but he's needed an awful lot of instructions within the file. Let me know if any bits seem missing. I really hope you think he's worth the wait. These are the best pictures I could take of him, but Im not happy how they've turned out. IMO he looks a lot better in person.

The best way to build him is to build each module seperately, then stick them all togetehr like a sentinel shaped jigsaw puzzle. The one on the picture is using A4 paper (or thin card) so here's a look at him scaled to other models...

I really don't think the pictures do him, or especially the size of him much justice so make him yourself to see. Though if anyone actually has the ink to build a few with A3 paper stretched to fit, feel free to post pics.

He makes a nice companion to my other X-Men so far. I might build a second and put one on each side instead (I like phoenix as a centrepiece to them)

And as always... here's the link you've been waiting for so you can download and build him yourself to add to all your other models.

Download the Sentinel here

Sorry it's been QUITE so long since my last update. I'm still here, I'm still working too hard, but I'm still trying to fiT in making some more heroes into my hectic life. Hopefully my next update one will be sooner (already started on my next model).

Thanks for all sticking with me + hi to any new people out there.

As always, any comments are more than welcome and always help encourage me even more.
Enjoy building him!