Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hulk - Red Hulk 'Rulk' Variant

Hulk (Red Hulk Variant)

Here's the second of a pair of variants that I've uploaded today.

I have a dark secret confession... I actually kinda like Rulk. It might be because I worked out his real identity quite a while ago (C'mon the 'Milksop' line was a dead giveaway). Sure he did bonkers things like punch out the watcher (wtf) but I liked how the whole story played out and liked all the clues there about his identity when you knew where to look from them.

I've made him very angry looking as he seems to look madder than regular Hulk most of the time. like the last Hulk, his arms can be attached by his side or up in the Air like shown in the picture

Download Rulk here

Any comments welcome



Curtis Chorizali said...

great work!

Anonymous said...

may the next one be a x men? good luck with the new apartment.

Unknown said...

these things are waaaaay cool!

do you have a "generic" pattern? would love to try making one :D

Odulcidovul said...

Whaou! not easy to make but it is so fun to have now a Rulk in france!

Anonymous said...

Want to build this for my kids valentines day box. What's the measurements to make it big

cv writing service said...

How did you made it? Can you share tutorial on the same as I want to have it as well. Looking forward to hear from you on this, thanks