Monday, 27 July 2009


The hair was some serious effort to get looking good. The model might be a bit more complicated than the others.
If you have any problems making it then just leave a comment

Click here to download Rogue


Patty G. said...

Hey, can you make a Gambit to partner with Rogue. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not to sound too nerdy, but this is totally awesome...

Anonymous said...

I REALLY DONT THINK SHE SHOULD BE WITH GAMBIT! She should totally be with Iceman!

Anonymous said...

Bleh, Iceman? No way, he's like a brother to her. Besides, he had a fling with her "mother" Mystique recently, it won't work. Gambit all the way!

I love your paper heroes, they're so well done! :) Rogue is just adorable, I can't wait to make her.

Anonymous said...

nice collection !
i make rogue for my little daugther and i see:
right and left hand are reverse
left arm is not complete
that's all
thanks for your blog !
salutations from france

soulkiller said...

Hey, these are awesome! Do you mind if I post the images and links to the Rogue and Gambit dolls on my blog, Rebel Rogue?

loonyatuni said...

These are just too frickin cool dude!! Well done, one of my buds is obsessed with Rogue, I am SOOOO making her this from crimbo =) xLx

kyane said...

I doubt the hair to ride
please help
could take a picture of the back?
thank you