Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

So I started this one last year some time as some people may know but there was a lot I didn't like about it. I've since had the time to rework it heavily and I'm really pleased with how the final model turned out.

Here's Wonder Woman......

If you're unsure how the head is pieced together from the plan, I've still left the old quick guide up, hope it helps.
View image turtorial on building the head/hair

All in all she should be pretty straight forward considering some of the models that have been on here recently (I'm looking at you Loki+DockOck). It makes a change to have a more basic model that people can use as a starting model.

Download Wonder Woman here

The Fire Fox bug is still there.. so if it causes an error when you click on it, right click the link and click "Save Link As..." instead.

Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to show other people my site and to post pictures of any of your models when you complete them.

For everyone wondering...


I've noticed a lot of requests for game characters that we may see here, including a few other cult figures not connected to any comics. I've al so been VERY impressed by some of the stuff appearing on Deviant from other designers so may try and do another feature post some time.

Any comments welcome



Jeff said...

Get to see that you're still at it. This one lives up to the others in every way!

Tito said...

This is sooooo cool!

I was wondering when the Justice League would get into the picture.

Suggestion: Have a "Golden Age" version of the DC Heroes, along with the bonus of having a "New 52" version for those who finished all core members of the Justice League...

Anonymous said...

please make lara croft tomb raider please please please

Anonymous said...

no game characters.4It's a waste of time

Anonymous said...

Hi, first off your Heroes are awesome! I'm making the Avengers for my sons birthday party (best center pieces ever!)and second the top of your blog says you'll also be adding pop culture figures, so i have a request. My Little Ponies for my teenage girls (and all the Bronies out there)

Wendel Cordeiro said...

você pode fazer o boneco do coisa do quarteto fantástico e depois da mulher invisível, tocha humana e do sr, fantastico.

chuck croft said...

yes lara croft I wanna lara croft in your models please please

Playdium said...

Simply love your projects. Would really appreciate if you can make "Assasins Creed", Ezio, Altair, or Conner. ThanX

paulo said...

awesome toys man, thnks

abhishek rathore said...

hey can you please tell what software do you use to create your templates

Anonymous said...

Please make a football player! like kaepernick or ray lewis

tomb raider fanboy's said...

tomb raider tomb raider tomb raider tomb raider tomb raider tomb raider please please please

Leo_Frantz said...

Hi, your desings are awersome

What about this characters?

9 lives

Ultimate Kitty Pryde

Unknown said...

Great to see that you're still at it. awesome designs, cant wait for any new additions. Are you finished doing x-men or is there a chance of a Nightcrawler in the not to distant future?? BTW do you accept build photos cos i got a ton of them?? Keep up the good work :)

Alejo Rpo said...

Man really nice work you have here, I just found the papercraft, started with really easy models, as I can see your models are not so hard, but very high ink consumable.

I was cross fingers to find an Spiderman model since it is my favorite heroe. I would really love to see a Spiderman model

anjum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thelastminer10 said...

Can u make a football player

Vics said...

Your models have been a godsend for our daughters 5th birthday party decorations; she's completely nuts about Wonder Woman, Firestar and She-ra but trying to find ANYTHING affordable for her is harder than digging for gold; having a retro kid is no joke when it comes to the commercial side of things *sigh* that being the case I'd definitely request Firestar, She-ra and He-man be added to the list ;-) You truly are a diamond for creating these and sharing them; it's the first joint project me and himself have done in years that hasn't involved a fall out *chuckle* I cut, he sticks and all is well with the world...

Orcface said...

Could I be so greedy as to request a She Hulk? You could even retexture this pattern and it would look fine. the simplicity to detail ratio on your patterns is just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Hello just wanted to thank you for your site! I am going to use alot of your Paperdolls as decoration at my son's 3rd birthday! they are great and I can't believe I found your site. Wish you had a spiderman


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Unknown said...

Hi, when will your Bane papercraft be ready to craft? I've come back to your site for years now, but the Bane papercraft still isn't ready.