Monday 7 May 2012

Marvels Avengers: Thor


Another of the completely new models.

So, let's be honest, I think this one is probably one of the most anticipated of my Avenger Models, as he's had a lot of requests. I really do hope he's lived up to people's expectations.

The hair works in a similar way to Storms, so the sides fix to the head once the head is complete. You'll notice I've not added markers for where the arms should go on this one. It should be clear, anatomically where they go, but this way it gives the added advantage that you can stick his arm wielding his hammer up in the air instead if you'd rather.

He comes with his hammer, obviously, and also a removeable helmet to make as an added extra. He is slightly taller than all of the other Avengers tho no-where near hulk height.

The cape may seem a bit confusing at first, but I've added what instruction I can. The tabs that fit on the shoulders especially may seem a bit strange, as they stick out over the edge of the body, but once the head and arms are in place, the look right and allow the cape to have some extra width.

Any questions feel free to ask, and I'd LOVE to hear any feed back that you have!

As always, if you like them feel free to drop me a donation if you want!

Click here to download the Avengers Thor

Hope you enjoy!!!

Keep checking back for more Avengery Goodness. Two more models to come!!!



jeff portnoy said...

just finsihed making this, and made the black widow one earlier, im so happy your back, they are so bad ass, love them
still some more to come?

Xavier Gale-Sides said...

Glad you like them :D

+Yep, for my Avengers series there's still a Hawkeye and Fury to come :)

I'm actually kind of disapointed I've not got round to doing a Loki yet, as I think he'd make a great adition, so maybe he'll be in the cards eventually.

jeff portnoy said...

awesome, fury and hawkeye would complete the set!
you could also do a Maria Hill?

a loki with an awesome helmet would be amazing! and spear too

could even jump the gun and do who was in the credits of the movie (don't wanna spoil it if you haven't seen it)

Joshua said...

I have been keeping pace and able to build them as they've been released, can't wait for the new members. Loki would be cool, or yes (Credits Spoiler) would be cool too.

I'm a big batman fan, any plans to maybe release some DC members, maybe work on the Justice League next?

vhonta said...

Hi, your work is great, my son found your models and is making all of them...he told me THOR seems to be smaller than the others, is not assembled yet but he compare te shapes with black widow and Thor looks he right or wrong..?
Thank you

Xavier Gale-Sides said...

Hmmmm Thor, if anything, should be slightly larger than the other models (excluding hulk). It could be that the "stretch to fit" in printing settings or such could have been different for Thor when he was printed maybe? (anyone else found this issue?) Let me know if you find any other information.

Glad you're all enjoying making the models though :) +we do have The Dark Knight Returns coming out later in the year so I might be tempted to get a few characters out for it!

jeff portnoy said...

my thor does stand a lil bit taller than the others, and smaller than hulk... but black widow stands taller than ironman and captain america too :( can't notice it when its on my shelf though

Sharon Aiisido Marpaung said...

I LOVE YOU!!! this is so fuckin amazing :D thanks for that

blackdrezz said...

Hi =D I just found this page, and I'm super excited! I can't wait to get started on them, but before I do, do u recommend card stock to print?

Xavier Gale-Sides said...

I make them all with 160 gram paper now. It just SLIGHTLY thicker than normal A4, but it just makes it easier to put them together, especially on larger models like the Hulk (and less chance of them blowing around in a breeze). For the majority of my early models I just used plain regular A4 printing paper so I know they'll work fine with this anyway.

Anonymous said...

I love your paper models, they are amazing!
But I doon't quite understand how to make the hammer. Could you take some pictures of it please?

Anonymous said...

And the helmet! I don't understand how to make it either. Well, I guess I'm just stupid :)
Sorry for bothering.

blackdrezz said...

Cool, thank u very much ;)

Anonymous said...

I love and appreciate all your hard work and creativity!!!! My 4 yr old loves it! One request is will you ever do Batman? Adam West old school or even Dark Knight??? You would make him very happy!!
Barbara s

Xavier Gale-Sides said...

I'll try and get a bit of instruction together over the weekend to help with the hammer. I've been meaning to do videos of making a couple so it might be a good oportunity.

And Barbara, I am planning on releasing a Dark Knight Batman with the release of the new film, it's one of the models I've been working on :) Glad you're enjoying the models!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks, but you don't need to. I already got it. It was so simple, I just was rolling it in a wrong way.
Guess my brain wors differently than other people's :) But thank you anyway.

Anonymous said...

can you make a agent coulson?

Anonymous said...

Do you print on any special type of paper?

Unknown said...

hi wondering if you have SpiderMan..


Unknown said...

wondering if you have SPIDERMAN

THank U!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! Thanks so much for these!

Anonymous said...

Não estou conseguindo imprimir. Como faço?

Anonymous said...

Alguém me manda os moldes dos avengers e homem aranha por favor