Wednesday 9 May 2012

Marvels Avengers: Hawkeye


On to the penultimate model of my Movie Avengers....

Warning : You're going to need a needle and thread for this one!!!

This model took a lot of constant rework to get his look right, and to get his position how I wanted it. It wasn't really until the face started to take on his essence more and all of his accessories started piling up that I began to think he was right...  and now I think he's probably one of my favourite of the Avengers models that I've done.

He does get quite intricate in parts, so you'll notice that he's probably got more instructions included on the pages than any other files have to date. If things seem far more complicated than they should be, just sit back, relax, and try and picture the shape in your head, to see if it makes it easier seeing how it goes together (and remember you can refer to the pictures here).

The arrows in the quiver is just an illusion to look like he's got loads of arrows..  it still doesnt mean the shape isn't going to be a pain to cut out and fold though.

I've also included his shades, as he has them on all the promotional materials, even if he doesn't seem to actually wear them at all in the film.

Any questions feel free to ask, and I'd LOVE to hear any feed back that you have!

As always, if you like them feel free to drop me a donation if you want, to help me keep on top of my ink costs!

Click here to download the Avengers Hawkeye

Hope you enjoy!!!

Keep checking back for more Avengery Goodness. One last Avengers Movie model to come!!!



jeff portnoy said...

o wow! well done sir!

looks great going to tackle it tonight!

can i ask how you print them? i've been printing these two pages on one page, if that makes sense? so i guess then end up standing at about 6 inches tall? maybe a lil less

im going to make the sentinel now, but full size so he's really big!

can't wait for the last one!

emma bryan said...

These are absolutely amazing. Can I ask how you make them Do you have a template and draw them in? My son is absolutely going to freak when he sees these - better stock up on the glue!

Anonymous said...

Man UR too Great!! U should Make "Ghost Rider" With Bike . .
It'll be great if U design it in Ur Sttyle. . .there's no good ghost rider models anywhere. . please try it!!
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

really love ur design. looking foward for the last avengers sir
hawkeye's bow is just a little ...not fit with him ( just my opinion )

Unknown said...

Thanks for design!

I shared this papercraft at my collection blog:

Xavier Gale-Sides said...

Ghostrider would be pretty sweet, maybe will get to him eventually, but he'll take up a lot of paper (and black ink lol)



I designed the models to be able to print at different sizes, which is why they are smaller than A4. I believe that if theyre printed as they are, they turn out about 14cm in height.

If you print them with "Stretch to Fit" on, they come out at about 21cm. Personally, I've been doing them stretch to fit just to add a bit more size for impact, but they are starting to take up a lot of room with so many now.



I design the entire things in Flash+Illustrator and have never used any CAD/3D programs.
One of the reasons I started designing them was to keep pushing my cognitive skills as well as creative, so I work out how all of the 3D shapes should form and all of the maths related in my head and with calculators.
I hope your son's enjoying making them :)

Joshua said...

I was always curious what program you used to build them. I will have to try and see what I can do with the templates first with soem color schemes and designs. Then work on creating some of my own from scratch with various body designs.

I would love to put up my pictures of my custom ones to showcase on your site or for you to take and make up some basic models for.

Alexia said...

I loved, I went through great photos. thank you very much for putting it, really, is also my favorite super hero. Is well ;)

The Avengers Jacket said...

hawkeye is my most favourite and he has done great job in avengers2012 movie

Anonymous said...

Wow these are awesome!! Could you please do one for Green Arrow?? Looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

Hi!!! wonderful what you have done!!
would like to know if is possible for you to make the disney princess, i'm thinking i can use these for the invites the would be perfect.

i just celebrated my sons 5th bday and i used your superheroes, batman, hulk, C.America, Wonder Women and iron man the only one missing was Spiderman, i manage to enlarge them and used them as invited they where all the size of hulk, all the kids and moms where amazed!!! thank you so much for this would like to send pics!!

Geisha Perez (i'm from the dominican Republic), look me up in Face book i will post the pictures of the superheroes..

Anonymous said...

I've never got/built any models.I think spider-man would be really easy to build and be a good beginners set. Ive seen the deadpool one but i just don,t get him there.

Recap: Spider-man and a dead pool not all beat-up-and-stuff would me just awesome.

Anonymous said...

daredevil, punisher, ghost rider, the rhino, electra, electro, iron fist, iron patriot, luke cage, agent culson and maria hill, falcon,the lizard, pyro, saber tooth, magneto,
Juggernaut, blade, red skull, black banter, fantastic four, doctor doom, galactus, captian marvel, gurdians of the galaxcy, thanos, the abomination, omega red,
(big challenge) M.O.D.O.C., A.I.M. dudes, Hydra guys, Dr. strange, Dormanu, green goblin, nova, white tiger, stan lee, stan the man (super hero stan lee), Enchantress,
executioner, odin, himdal or something, sif and her friends, and war machine (bad guy) would all be just divine. No I do not expect all this form you but i just wanna give you some ideas. The
above are all marvel for you convenience. thank you so much. And you DON'T need to make all of these guys.

Anonymous said...

dude youre awsome plz keep posting new heroes and stuff looking forward to this.
thank for the papercrafts that is really cool

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

So I know you haven't done any in a while, but I'm seriously interested in Marvel's Cable. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job on these, some of my students love getting these as a reward. Will you do the new uniforms for wonderwoman or heavy duty batman suit, joker? Keep them going!

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