Monday 2 November 2009

The Invincible IronMan


Sorry that this one's been QUITE so long in the making.
If anyone actually makes it I hope they can apreciate why it took so long.

Anyway, without further ado i bring you IRONMAN...

As you can see, hes a bit more complicated.
He can be displayed with or without the Helmet and Chest Armour.
There are lots of other pieces of armour that are fixed on... I've tried to best describe how to fix them on, but if anyone has any problems or need something clarifying then let me know here.

Hope you all like anyway!
All Comments welcome!
(I think Phoenix is going to be next....)

Click here to download IronMan


Anonymous said...

its awesome all this superheroes papercraft
if you can make a captain america and a thor will be awesome :D

Anonymous said...

i forgot to said that i made this ironman and its awesome i really thank u cuz its my favorite superhero and its not complicated:P thank you again bye!:)

my name is alan and my email is if u got more ironman stuff i will be so happy :P and goos job

Xavier Gale-Sides said...

Glad you like it and have enjoyed making it :)

Il probably do a WarMachine variant of this IronMan when we have a better look of what he'l look like in film (just with more guns and stuff).

As for Cap and Thor, all in good time, all in good time.

(hmm.. just thought, Giant Man would be pretty sweet as well)

Anonymous said...

yeah giant man would be great and big lol heres a little preview of how warmachine looks in ironman 2 hehehe and ill be here waiting for some good papercrafts and i cant download hulk:(!!!

Anonymous said...

why I cannot download this?
I've tried many times but it just didnt work..
maybe you can help..

Xavier said...

If ever you have trouble downloading a file, just try again about half an hour later.

This site is getting A LOT more traffic than I ever thought it would so my webhost seems to bottle out sometime if theres too many people on the site at once

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

okay thanks!
I will try to downloaded again.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend...

My name is Marcelo and I´m from Brazil.
Your heroes are amazing, I like it.
I made Psylocke, Rogue and Hulk.
it´s cool...
but please, make the Storm.. Is my favorite.
Thanks and sorry for my bad english...

Anonymous said...

dude im sorry i still cant download hulk it says "the file is damaged" :S i been trying a lot
if u can upload it in mediafire or stuff like that i will be thankfull but if u dont its ok ill keep trying

and everything else is awesome you did a good job

Xavier Gale-Sides said...

Hmmmm.. strange, seems to be working fine here still :S my servers probably going a bit mad.

Give this link a go...
Hopefully that one will work!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much that worked:)
i cant wait to make this hulk :P i just made a 39cm captain america but this kind of papercraft are more fun to do ^^
and thank you again!

Anonymous said...

:S it seems to be me i download it and when i open it says "there was an error opening this document, the file is damaged and could not be repaired" :S any idea what i can do? sorry for all the truble =/

Private Me said...

I don't need to make it to see how hard it was to make, thanks to the fact that I can extrapolate almost all kinds of visual information, it's hard to live with it at times, because it taxes the brain a little too much, but it's a really nice thing to have, because it helps a lot.

I've done all the Paper Heroes you've released so far, and I've loved them all, I just want to try to do them in sturdier paper than just normal paper, so I guess I'll be doing them all again, just hope the results with the thicker paper will be just as good as the ones I already did with thin paper.

Also let me tell you that I did one of them in double the scale (I had it printed on a large scale printer) and it worked out just as well as its smaller brother.

Also don't you ever tease about doing the Phoenix next, that's a character fans get crazy about, I know because I'm one of them. On the Phoenix front, I'm sure you know, but let me tell you anyway, she should come in three different version. Regular Phoenix with green/gold costume, Dark Phoenix with red/gold costume, and her latest costume as Phoenix of the Crown in white/gold costume (which was actually supposed to be her original costume).

And since I'm asking, can you make a different expression for each Phoenix, and her Flame Phoenix Energy Manifestation Bird too? That would really be the best thing ever. And probably the hardest thing you ever did.

Keep up the above excellent work, and know that it is appreciated by many.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thats really neat.looks good.i'll make sure to put that on my list of papercrafts to make. i have a question. can u make a daredevil that is like the ironman cuase iv been looking for a daredevil papercraft to make but they have all been cubbecrafts. any way can you make one.if u dont know who he is then type this in: and can u make it like the movie look.Thanks.from sonic63098.

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic!! Could you please make Storm?! She's Marvel's #1 lady!

Anonymous said...


Storm Pleasseeee!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I tryed to make Iron Man for my Dad as a gift.I agree it was HARD!

Anonymous said...

I've manage to built your Ironman in A5 size paper..
can I have your email, so I can share the photos to you?

Anonymous said...

Technically, "Iron Man" is two words, not one.

MaKlene said...

i've just found this great site :)
i'm trying to download several models. but ironman is damaged (it's the only one i found damaged)
it seems it has some "bugs" in the pdf (i don't know how to explain, i'm not very fluent in english... i'm french ^^)
the site is really great :) want more ^^

Xavier Gale-Sides said...


The IronMan file doesn't seem to be corrupted. A lot of the problems with PDS files seem to be that Internet browsers cache whatever PDF they download, even if theres a problem and they only get half originally. So it will always try and give you the broken version rather than downloading again.

Try right clicking on this link to download...
Right click here and choose "save target as"

Hope this helps.

Out of interest, where abouts did you hear about this site?

I seem to have been getting a massive amount of French visitors, all coming from typing "my paper heroes" into google. People must be hearing about the site somewhere not online, and I'm just curious where :)


Richie0285 said...

Hi there, your paper heroes fascinate me, they're amazing, u really have a talent. anyway, I was just wondering if u have an email address so that i could send you a picture of sumthing you might be interested in finishing?

mine is

Hope to hear from you soon.

[GM/BM/MM](Game,Blog,Music Master) delaCruziFixion said...

That's so awesome! We will create that and give it as a gift. Thx for this. Please contact me if you have new crafts.

Shohidul Islam said...

wow, that is awesome. Nice Post.
Iron Man

Unknown said...

Hola, no hablo en ingles pero tratare de traducirles en pocas palabras lo que necesito. Muchas Gracias.

GOOD DAY, please, we need a better IronMan, a better design than the last.
Thor, Cap. America. Nick Fury and all of avengers papercraf are beautifully drawn but lacks ironman better taste. thanks for uploading a better one. YOUR SITE IS THE BEST OF ALL. He collected his PAPERCRAFT

Anonymous said...

Hi, I´m having troubles with the body, I don´t know how to build it.. legs are so difficult to me. Would you mind help me? Thanks!

ccaruana91 said...

hey just wanted to say that these are awesome but i've been having issues with getting clean folding lines, any advice on how to make it look better would be appreciated.

Jhos(: said...

you can make a spiderman plise?

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are all so amazing. I am going to make some of these for my son's birthday party - they will look great on the cake table. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with everyone!

Anonymous said...

Good night, Xavier,

I would like to warn you there are people selling your papercraft on sales sites.

I recommend sending an email to the site requesting the model to be taken down from their site and the seller penalized.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello please post a tutorial on how this papercraft was made .. Its kinda hard to connect different parts

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Anonymous said...

I am new to paper puppets (as I will call them). This is absolutely amazing. Great job. Will you be making any from Civil War Captain America - Spiderman, Black Panther, Antman, etc.??

Thank you!

Classroom Teacher

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I used this template for my school project. This is my first time creating something like this, but with a little help it became easier than it already was! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for template

BGMI News Updates said...

Iron Man 4

Anonymous said...