Thursday, 10 June 2010

Captain America - Bucky Variant

Captain America (Bucky Variant)

Here's the first of a pair of variants that I'll be uploading today.

I thought I'd get the Captain America Bucky costume done as it seems to be quite popular now. I could NEVER have believed that I would have liked any story that brought back Bucky, it was the unsaid rule of Cap that you just shouldn't do that.... and then Brubaker not only brought him back, but then replaced the regular Cap with him, and made him even more popular! Now that's good writing.

Still can't get great pictures. Moved into a new apartment and theres not enough room / light to get a good shot

Download Bucky here

Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to show other people my site and to post pictures of any of your models when you complete them.

Any comments welcome


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Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of maybe getting a Winter Soldier version of Bucky? 39 wrlanag